Daniel W.

Daniel W.

Daniel Wagemanns (Daniel W.) startete im Jahre 2015 mit dem Auflegen aufgrund seiner Faszination für Minimal Techno. Seit Anfang an lag es ihm sehr am Herzen seine Fähigkeiten stetig zuverbessern und entwickelte schon bald ein sehr gutes Händchen für starke Tracklists. Er legte schon bald im Freundeskreis auf und erhielt nur gutes Feedback für seine Mixes. Es zeigte sich schnell ,dass es ihm leicht fällt andere Menschen mit seiner Begeisterung anzustecken. Daniel W. wollte schon bald aufgrund seiner Leidenschaft für Minimal Techno selbst ein Teil dieser Musik werden und begann eigene Tracks zu produzieren. Er knüpfte schnell viele Kontakte innerhalb der Szene und machte sich schnell einen Namen. Zwischen 2016 und 2018 begann er auch auf Privatpartys und letztendlich auch im Club aufzulegen. Dort konnte Daniel W. ebenfalls überzeugen und alle Anwesenden in den Bann seiner Musik ziehen. In den darauffolgenden Jahren widmete er sich vermehrt der Produktion eigener Tracks und war immer auf der Suche nach neuen Klängen, um seine Musik immer wieder auf ein neues Niveau anzuheben. Daniel W.’s Tracks zeichnen sich durch ein hohes Energielevel aus, dass permanent zum Tanzen anregt.



Daniel W.- Minimal Rec. (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Ping Pong (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – No (Original Mix)


Minimal Illumination Recordings 2017-02-09

Daniel W.- Smile And chill (Original Mix)

Daniel W.- Dance Original Mix (Original Mix)

Daniel W.- Experiment (Original Mix)


Apache RecordsMinimal 2017-02-13

Corner – Minimal Blade (Daniel W. Remix)

Corner – Fairy Tale (Daniel W. Remix)



Daniel W. – Darkness (Original Mix)


Minimal Illumination 2017-03-23

Daniel W. – Play and Feel (Original Mix)


Minimal Empire Records  2017-04-24

Daniel W. – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – I Will Make You Understand (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Can You Dance To My Beat (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Feelin‘ The Beat (Original Mix)


Minimal Illumination 2017-05-05

Daniel W. – Minimal Intention (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Check This (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Dance (Drav3 Remix)

Daniel W. – Minimal Intention (Drav3 Remix)


Cosmofunk Records 2017-06-19

Daniel W. – Central (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Unknown Minimal (Original Mix)


Wolfs Minimal‘ Label 2017-07-10

Drav3 – Into Your Mind (Daniel W. Remix)


Pure Cocaine Recordings 2017-09-11

Daniel W. – Slow Motion (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Minimal Room (Original Mix)


Sorry I’m Minimal 2017-10-02

Daniel W. – Dark Room (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Minimal Maximal (Original Mix)

Daniel W. – Hey, Can I Buy You A Drink (Original Mix)


Minimal Illumination 2017-10-06

Gino Traffic, Daniel W. – Ecstasy (Original Mix)


Red Pill Records 2017-11-13

KewMillion, Daniel W.- CPH4 (Original Mix)


Minimal Stuff Limited 2017-11-19

Daniel W. – Control (Original Mix)


Cosmofunk Records  2017-12-18

Daniel W. – Bring The Light (Original Mix)


Apache Records 2018-03-21

Daniel W. – Energy (Original Mix)


Minimal Nation Recordings 2018-06-25

Daniel W. – Magic (Original Mix)


Pure Cocaine Recordings 2018-07-09

Daniel W., Basti MNML – Chill (Original Mix)


Minimal Nation Recordings 2018-07-09

Daniel W. – So What (Original Mix) Remix Contest mit 3 Remixes


Minimal Nation Recordings 2018-08-20

Daniel W. – Bass In Your Face (Original Mix)


Flat Belly withe recordings 2019-08.02

Daniel W. – Minimalismus (Original Mix)

Cosmonov – Minimal Opera (Daniel W. Remix)


Bathophia Underground 2020-04-24

Dj Coolpix – Duduk (Daniel W. Remix)


Badmatic-Records 2020-06-01

Daniel W. – Sascha W. Rülps 2k20 (Original Mix)  



Arespi was born in Groningen in the Netherlands, He started mixing when he was 11 years of age. After a couple of years he worked his way up and started mixing on several events and radioshows like, Thunderdome, New Dance Radio, Hellraiser and more. After a big roadblock he lost his complete life, but now after some years past by he started back up his biggest passion in life! Now playing Techno and resident at several shows, finding his way back to the stage. Member of Construct Techno and Sons of Bass.

1996/1997 – Megafestatie Utrecht NL – Thunderdome and Hellraiser (hardcore)
1997 – Club #1 Italy
1998 – The Cave Spain
1998 – Thunderdome
1996/97/98 – New Dance Radio Osdorp NL (several invites)
1998-2001 – Club Moonlight Heerenveen NL (dj and manager)
2002-2004 – Club 50/50 Heerenveen NL (dj and manager)
2014 – Wakeland
2015 – Electro Invasion
2017 – Azijnfabriek and De Club Roermond NL
2021 – Azijnfabriek (Real Techno Roermond, my concept and ceo) Sons of bass Kerpen/Sindorf, Druck Fabrik, Munchengladbach
2014-2021 – Resident and returning guest on several radio/podcast shows like, Morebass NY, Grooveconnection de Partynacht Haarlem NL, Techno Connection UK, Quest London, Techno Explosion, Black Series Techno Militia Spain, Fnoob Radio.



KVBR is a German DJ and music producer, he started his career in 2016 as a DJ at small events.
In 2021 he started to release his music.
In 2021 his single Get Ready has an own playlist „Get Ready“ on Spotify.

– Get Ready (2021)
– Rave (2022)



  • Wohnort
    Kerpen, DE
  • Social
  • Style
    Acid Techno · Dark Techno · Goa · Hard Techno · Psy-Trance · Tech-House · Techno
  • Booking


I am Tobias alias OsZ and was born 1976 in Halle, Germany. Music has always been with
me, but in the early 90s I was caught by a legendary radio show that never let me go
again, called HR3 Clubnight. This, in fact, was my start to listen deeply to electronic music,
especially Trance, Acid and Techno. Rhythm, sounds and all flawless mixing by the DJ-s at
that time fascinated me. My heroes were DJ Dag, Taucher, Talla 2XLC and many more.

Soon I’ve got the idea to make my own mix sets with only the tracks I liked the most. Just
after starting I had to stop again for private life changes. Only in 2010 I got chance and
returned to practice DJ-ing, recorded sets just for myself to get lost in music, but also to
share with my friends.

Since 2015 I’ve been booked for smaller private parties. In 2018 I bought a more powerful
PA and Light equipment and organized my first own parties in bars and open air. As the
worldwide pandemic situation forced Clubs to close, my motivation has further grown to
organize in-door and open air parties – always respecting the applicable rules.

Meanwhile I started as Resident DJ for podcasts and live radio shows at Techno
Connection UK that I really enjoy. A short detour to Second Life in 2020 brought me back
to the feeling of interacting with listeners while playing music but at the end it is not even
close playing for real people. It has been an interesting experience though.

To make you joyfully listen to electronic music, get you dance and especially the interaction
with you (in sound and in words) is my motivation as DJ. I always strive for good vibrations
at an unforgettable event …



2018 Guest DJ for Sound Of Systems at Café Nefast
2020 Sin City Rave with Sons Of BASS – Part 1 (Techno
2020 Sin City Rave with Sons Of BASS – Part 2 (Techno
2020 R|h|eintaumeln Open Air (Techno)
2021 Singer / Songwriter BBQ with Horizon Records
2021 RTR live @ Ajiznfabriek Roermond (Techno)

Fabricio Abreu

Fabricio Abreu

  • Orgin
    Buenos Aires, AMS
  • Links
  • Genres
    Deep House · Elektro · House · Tech-House

While he was growing up he listen to groups such as Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Yazoo, etc, that have had major influence on his electronic music style.
Living in Argentina he worked on Television and Radio shows on the Latest Hits and Jet set News. Also, he produced his first record for David DJ. and performed as a guest Dj in some important night Clubs. By the 90’s, Fabricio decided to travel to the other side of the Atlantic and met some American Dj’s who led him to be involved as a guest DJ on tour events such as: “House Parties” which took him to locations like Miami Beach, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Fabricio would head back home occasionally to do special events and make Radio and Club appearances.
In 1996, Fabricio started to work as a Disc Jockey for an International European Cruise Line, working on a seasonal basis, from that year he start traveling and working around the world specially in Europe having the chance to meet Dee Jays from different countries getting more and more in touch with House Music styles and have the opportunities to do some appearances in some Europeans Clubs, Festivals, Radio Stations and Tours, along side of some celebrated DJ’s.
Today, Fabricio still loves to mix travel and work, which allows him to work as a Resident Dj or doing tours around the world and get involved with different cultures,
He also enjoy producing and recording his own music, as well as doing so for other DJ’s and Musicians

Plastik Beach – Ibiza –Spain, L’Elephant – Ibiza- Spain, PukkaUp Night Club – Ibiza -Spain, Ministry of Sound Academy-London -England, Kanya Beach Club- Ibiza -Spain, Brown’s – Valleta – Malta, Dj Techconference – Amsterdam- Holland, Jhonny’s Night Club- Juan Lacaze- Uruguay, Paradise Beach- Mykonos Greece, House parties for “TOTAL” company from Holland- Greece, House parties for ASUS Chec Republic – Greece and Croatia, Beach Electronic Music Festival- Uruguay, Creamfields – Buenos Aires- Argentina- (invited by agency), Southfest- Buenos Aires- Argentina-(invited by agency), House Sessions with Dj Gino Latino from Radio Station Torino- Italy, Studio 2000 – La Romana Domenican Republic, House sessions with dj Jane from Germany, IFB from France-Megaparty with dj Paul and dj Antoine- Norway, Ministry of Sound tour and Pop Star show – Palma de Mallorca -Spain, Italo house party with Francesco dj from New York-USA, Tamtra Disco- Colonia- Uruguay, El Galpon Night Club – Colonia-Uruguay, Nivel – Barcelona Spain, Travel Sea group with dj Williams- Miami- USA, Open Music Festival – Copenhagen – Denmark, Peguisu- Puerto Rico – USA, House and trance sessions for Superbowl group from New York-Miami, Fashion- Colonia Uruguay, Nanday and Charly – Buenos Aires-Argentina, Party with dj Giorgio CFMT TV station from Canada- Miami, Production for DJ David, M&M records-Buenos Aires- ARGENTINA, Veranisimo TV show- Cordoba Argentina, Frecuencia Clever FM radio show- Cordoba- ARGENTINA, Discoteque en AM- Radio show- Nueva Helvecia-Uruguay, Costa Cruise LIne-dj -Italy

Marc Wall.E

Marc Wall.E

Seit 1998 ist Marc Wall.E in der DJ Landschaft unterwegs und bringt die Masse mit den besten Minimal,Techno & Tech-House Beatz, aber auch im kommerizielleren EDM Bereich, zum kochen. Seine Gigs bei der Love Parade, Ruhr in Love, Nature One und Heineken Dance Parde in Rotterdam sind in der Partyszene legendär. Aber nicht nur bei den großen Festivals brachte und bringt er jeden in Bewegung der Arme und Beine hat, sondern auch natürlich in der Clublandschaft im In- und Ausland

Nature One Hexenhousefloor 2012 // 2013 // 2014 // 2015 (Kastellaun), Loveparade 2000 Kontor-Float (Berlin), Heineken Dance Parade 98 World-Center-Float , (Rotterdam/Niederlande), Reincarnation 2003 X-Team-Float (Hannover), Vision Parade 2004 Blue Banana-Float (Bremen), Ruhr in Love 2011 // 2012 // 2013 // 2014 // 2015 (Oberhausen), Heaven & Hill 2012 // 2014 (Neukirchen-Vlyn / Ruhr Area), Electronic Beach Festival 2010, 2012 (Goch -Kessel), Mega Love Invasion 2012 (Oberhausen), Nature One Camp (Kastelauen), Nescafé Express Tour (Düsseldorf), Hexenhouse (Wesel/Bocholt/Kleve), Sven Väth Afterhour Blauer See ´99 (Ratingen), Genetic Beats (Voerde), Dolphins Aid Benefizrave (Wuppertal), We need something stronger 1 + 2 (Goch), Elektronische Tanzmusik XOX 1 – 4 (Kleve), Nachtlager 1-3 (Emmerich), Glorious Nights (Kleve), Living Electro Room (Kleve), We are Electro (Kleve), ASHL Nights (Goch/Kleve), Groove Clubb (Mönchengladbach/Neuss), Disaster Area (Mönchengladbach), Freaky Beatz (Geldern), Sound of Poison (Wuppertal), Night in Motion (Mönchengladbach), Druckfabrick (Mönchengladbach), Sound of Poison (Wuppertal), Tor 3 (Düsseldorf), Nachtresidenz (Düsseldorf), Bhaggy (Düsseldorf), Butan (Wuppertal), Turbinenhalle (Oberhausen), Stilvoll (Neuss), Graefen & Koenig Clubbing (Moenchengladbach), Loft (Aachen), Halle Luja (Kempen), Microport (Krefeld), Berks Dancing (Aachen-Würselen), Empire (Mönchengladbach), Club 7 (Düsseldorf), Altes Kino (Bottrop), E-Dry (Geldern), Empire Plaza (Wesel), City Lido (Groenlo/Niederlande), World Center (Kleve), Swisshouse (Kleve), Nachttheater (Kleve), Project42 (Mönchengladbach), 38 Grad (Mönchengladbach), Planet (Mönchengladbach), New Water (Aachen), Barmer Bahnhof (Wuppertal), Data 69 (Wuppertal), Mikroport (Krefeld), House am Strand (Goch)