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    Kerpen, DE
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    Acid Techno · Dark Techno · Goa · Hard Techno · Psy-Trance · Tech-House · Techno
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I am Tobias alias OsZ and was born 1976 in Halle, Germany. Music has always been with
me, but in the early 90s I was caught by a legendary radio show that never let me go
again, called HR3 Clubnight. This, in fact, was my start to listen deeply to electronic music,
especially Trance, Acid and Techno. Rhythm, sounds and all flawless mixing by the DJ-s at
that time fascinated me. My heroes were DJ Dag, Taucher, Talla 2XLC and many more.

Soon I’ve got the idea to make my own mix sets with only the tracks I liked the most. Just
after starting I had to stop again for private life changes. Only in 2010 I got chance and
returned to practice DJ-ing, recorded sets just for myself to get lost in music, but also to
share with my friends.

Since 2015 I’ve been booked for smaller private parties. In 2018 I bought a more powerful
PA and Light equipment and organized my first own parties in bars and open air. As the
worldwide pandemic situation forced Clubs to close, my motivation has further grown to
organize in-door and open air parties – always respecting the applicable rules.

Meanwhile I started as Resident DJ for podcasts and live radio shows at Techno
Connection UK that I really enjoy. A short detour to Second Life in 2020 brought me back
to the feeling of interacting with listeners while playing music but at the end it is not even
close playing for real people. It has been an interesting experience though.

To make you joyfully listen to electronic music, get you dance and especially the interaction
with you (in sound and in words) is my motivation as DJ. I always strive for good vibrations
at an unforgettable event …



2018 Guest DJ for Sound Of Systems at Café Nefast
2020 Sin City Rave with Sons Of BASS – Part 1 (Techno
2020 Sin City Rave with Sons Of BASS – Part 2 (Techno
2020 R|h|eintaumeln Open Air (Techno)
2021 Singer / Songwriter BBQ with Horizon Records
2021 RTR live @ Ajiznfabriek Roermond (Techno)

Marc Wall.E

Marc Wall.E

Seit 1998 ist Marc Wall.E in der DJ Landschaft unterwegs und bringt die Masse mit den besten Minimal,Techno & Tech-House Beatz, aber auch im kommerizielleren EDM Bereich, zum kochen. Seine Gigs bei der Love Parade, Ruhr in Love, Nature One und Heineken Dance Parde in Rotterdam sind in der Partyszene legendär. Aber nicht nur bei den großen Festivals brachte und bringt er jeden in Bewegung der Arme und Beine hat, sondern auch natürlich in der Clublandschaft im In- und Ausland

Nature One Hexenhousefloor 2012 // 2013 // 2014 // 2015 (Kastellaun), Loveparade 2000 Kontor-Float (Berlin), Heineken Dance Parade 98 World-Center-Float , (Rotterdam/Niederlande), Reincarnation 2003 X-Team-Float (Hannover), Vision Parade 2004 Blue Banana-Float (Bremen), Ruhr in Love 2011 // 2012 // 2013 // 2014 // 2015 (Oberhausen), Heaven & Hill 2012 // 2014 (Neukirchen-Vlyn / Ruhr Area), Electronic Beach Festival 2010, 2012 (Goch -Kessel), Mega Love Invasion 2012 (Oberhausen), Nature One Camp (Kastelauen), Nescafé Express Tour (Düsseldorf), Hexenhouse (Wesel/Bocholt/Kleve), Sven Väth Afterhour Blauer See ´99 (Ratingen), Genetic Beats (Voerde), Dolphins Aid Benefizrave (Wuppertal), We need something stronger 1 + 2 (Goch), Elektronische Tanzmusik XOX 1 – 4 (Kleve), Nachtlager 1-3 (Emmerich), Glorious Nights (Kleve), Living Electro Room (Kleve), We are Electro (Kleve), ASHL Nights (Goch/Kleve), Groove Clubb (Mönchengladbach/Neuss), Disaster Area (Mönchengladbach), Freaky Beatz (Geldern), Sound of Poison (Wuppertal), Night in Motion (Mönchengladbach), Druckfabrick (Mönchengladbach), Sound of Poison (Wuppertal), Tor 3 (Düsseldorf), Nachtresidenz (Düsseldorf), Bhaggy (Düsseldorf), Butan (Wuppertal), Turbinenhalle (Oberhausen), Stilvoll (Neuss), Graefen & Koenig Clubbing (Moenchengladbach), Loft (Aachen), Halle Luja (Kempen), Microport (Krefeld), Berks Dancing (Aachen-Würselen), Empire (Mönchengladbach), Club 7 (Düsseldorf), Altes Kino (Bottrop), E-Dry (Geldern), Empire Plaza (Wesel), City Lido (Groenlo/Niederlande), World Center (Kleve), Swisshouse (Kleve), Nachttheater (Kleve), Project42 (Mönchengladbach), 38 Grad (Mönchengladbach), Planet (Mönchengladbach), New Water (Aachen), Barmer Bahnhof (Wuppertal), Data 69 (Wuppertal), Mikroport (Krefeld), House am Strand (Goch)